Photo credit: Brian Hartley

Trailer by Jassy Earl.

A child climbs onto an adult’s shoulders and they look out. They see hope but also destruction. One generation after another reaches higher, sees further, hurtling toward a future they can’t control.

Pushing themselves to the limit, dancing with abandon, colliding into each other, children and adults perform feats and leaps that grow ever bolder, ever more impressive, revealing an intricate and resilient bond. As their roles are subtly reordered, this intergenerational show becomes an unlikely metaphor for how we consider age, pitting our instinct to protect children against the wild abandon and joy of childhood.

Directed by Ellie Dubois and Pete Lannon, Nosedive uses contemporary theatre and circus to look at how cooperation, trust and security shift at varying stages of life, especially as we get older.

Nosedive is the winner of the 2019 Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust award, and will premiere at Platform, Glasgow before a run at the Barbican in November 2019. It will be directed by Ellie Dubois and Pete Lannon.

Presented in co production with the Barbican and in association with Platform.

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