‘If I jump, will you catch me?’
‘What about if I fall?’
‘I won’t be able to catch you.’
‘Will I die?’
‘Yes. Everyone dies.’

 ‘A brave, bold piece about growing up, unstintingly performed.’★★★★ – The Herald Scotland

Bird Bones is a performance by two children and one adult, who run, jump, catch, hang, climb, spin, and fall. It investigates the moments in life when you feel indestructible and the moments when you feel anything but. Bird Bones is a physical exploration of fragility, resilience, and making friends with fear.

Created by Ellie Dubois & Pete Lannon

Directed by Ellie Dubois & Laura Bradshaw

Performed by Olivia CrossLennon Campbell & Pete Lannon

Set & Costume Design Lisa Sangster

Sound Design & Composer Kim Moore

with music from the following artists: Rival Consoles, Alice Boman (PAL remix), Fredrik and Todd Terje

Dramaturgy Matt Addicott

Production Management Avalon Hernandez

Produced by Michael John O’Neill

Photos by Brian Hartley

Bird Bones was created with support from Creative Scotland, Platform’s Home Made Fund, and National Theatre of Scotland. The initial developmentwas supported by Platform’s Home Made fund, Baltic Street Adventure Playground, and the National Centre for Circus Arts’ Lab:Time fund.