‘Performed to the hilt by David Banks and Peter Lannon… Stuntman deftly questioned physical aggression as a source of entertainment, or as proof of male potency. This is a piece that deserves to be seen beyond Buzzcut.’ – Mary Brennan, The Herald Scotland

STUNTMAN is a new performance about movie violence and masculinity. We are terrified of violence and fascinated by it. We want to protect those we love from harm and we want to be safe but we also sometimes just want to fucking blow things up. We want to pick at the scar of glamorous and brutal acts of movie violence and how it effects us and contributes to our performances of gender.

STUNTMAN was presented at //BUZZCUT// festival 2017 at the Pearce Institute in Govan, Glasgow. Programme info here.

Created by Ellie Dubois and Pete Lannon, with David Banks.

Performed by Pete Lannon and David Banks.

Directed by Ellie Dubois.

Presented by SUPERFAN.